• We started BFA while finishing up college, the shop has remained open since then though has been various sabbaticals for serveral of our workers from time to time for military obligations. Our experience in the profession of arms has given us a unique insight into the importance of reliability in a weapon that is to be carried for personal protection.  We won't let a custom gun leave our shop that we wouldn't carry ourselves, whether it be a ground up 1911, a custom AR or a rebuilt classic ppk/s or 1903, we try to impart an edge of refinement and class to our carry guns and a ruggedness to our "combat" pistols and long guns. 

    We plan to grow and hone our operations into the firearms boutique destination.  We are committed to seek out the best custom gunsmiths and accoutrements builders. So online or in our brick and mortar store there is always something to see taht can't be found anywhere else.  Remember, if it can be done, we have probably done it, if we haven't done it, we will do it for you.







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